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Is it a dress for all seasons if it’s made of meat? September 13, 2010

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Hello World! 

Last night I was busy washing and packing for my upcoming vacation (well deserved by the way).  While I was packing late into the night, I decided to watch the MTV VMA’s with the hubs.  It was a great show and there was some great and some not so great moments.  Now, these are just my opinions and everyone might not agree but this is how I feel.  First I want to talk Fashion! 

I actually couldn’t wait to see what Lady Gaga did… she had many wardrobe changes through-out the night.  A Salute to service men and women that were discharged paired with a set of rhino hooves.  Then she was wearing a dress so heavy she could barely get up to the stage to accept her award.  And then, the meat dress paired with a meat hat, meat purse, and meat shoes… I nearly threw up when I saw all them meat.  And people were hugging her in that!  Do you want to smell like a raw steak all night people!  I must say that Katy Perry looked beautiful and as she said “like a figure skater.”  I also saw a trend… leather and black.  Here are some pics of the outfits I’m talking about. 

Lady Gaga on the White Carpet with the discharged service men and women

Here she is finally up on stage after taking about 5 minutes and 2 men to carry the heavy dress she was wearing

The Meat Dress with matching hat and shoes... Cher was holding the matching Meat Purse

Katy Perry's "Figure Skater" dress... I liked it!Emma Stone in a little black leather dress

Joe Manganiello from True Blood... love the red leather jacket!

Another True Blood cast member... Evan Rachel Wood's dress was a don't to me. It really didn't fit her body properly

And now, the good looking men of the night! Drake was very daper in this black suit

Lastly, Usher. He looked HOT, but those aren't the shoes I would have done with this look

And onto the performances.  I’m just quickly going to list the ones I liked and didn’t…. I didn’t like Taylor Swift’s performance but I love her music.  I wasn’t impressed at all and her voice sounded extremely shaky.  I did like Eminem and Rhianna and Kanye West.
I would say that Chelsea Handler was a great host!  She was absolutely hilarious and made the night.  All in all it was a good show… congrats MTV!
Until next time…