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Checklists… September 9, 2010

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Hello World!

The last week has been so busy, I haven’t had any time for blogging!  Nathan and I are getting close to our vacation and so I’m in checklist mode.  I feel like if there is no checklist, some poor little item will be left behind in our lonely house 😦  I have a list of things to pack in my suit case, a list of things to put in my carry on, a list of things to clean before leaving, a list of things to unplug/turn off before leaving, lists, lists, and more lists.  I probably should have a list of my lists in order to keep track of all the lists.  And in the midst of all my list making, I have some exciting events planned for the weekend.  Since B was sick last week, I am taking Sam’s pictures on Saturday morning.  Then I have to rush home and get ready for a friend’s wedding.

I’ve been listening, in anticipation, to all the wedding plans for my friend Jaci.  She’s been planning her wedding for over a year and the time has come!  It’s going to be a wonderful, beautiful, fun event and pictures will be in a following blog post.  I really loved planning my wedding and when it was all over, I was a little depressed and missed the planning process.  Luckily, I had Jaci to tell me all about her plans and ideas and she’d ask for my advise about certain things.  I was weaning myself off my wedding by listening to her plans.  I still miss it but not as much as I did right after I was married.  And now, it’s time to see all the wonderful plans come together!  That’s the best part… and the party after of course!

And then there’s married life…

This is what married life is all about

My bedroom is a little like a battle field right now.  I had work to finish up and I had to finish my blog post so that’s my work and personal laptops.  There’s a pile of clean clothes that Nathan asked me to fold and in front of that is my trusty bed table.  I’ve got my nail set in the green bag, my many lists and itinerary for the trip, and my Jamba Juice At Home (Mango-A-Go-Go)!  And of course, there’s Top Chef on TV (from my DVR).   I’ve got tons to get done tonight and thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Until next time…


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