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Change of plans… September 4, 2010

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Hello World!

This morning while I was getting ready for a visit with B and Sam, I got a phone call.  Sam was up at 5 am and B had a sore throat.  So we decided to reschedule for later in September and I had to find something to do.  The plan = finish up my make-up and then clean my brushes.

Before the call from B, I decided to go with light make-up since I knew I would be moving around with the baby and I didn’t want make-up on the screen cover of the my camera.  I went with a tinted moisturizer, Benefit’s You Rebel in Light, then applied my Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer.  I covered up my under eye circles and a small blemish with Too Faced Absolutely Flawless in London Light.  I set everything with Bare Mineral’s Mineral Veil.  That’s it… it’s a quick face and because I’m a little tan (as opposed to my normal very porcelain skin tone) it’s all I need!  Next I put MAC’s paint pot in Painterly on my lid, and swipe of Buxom Lashline in Leatherette and then in my crease, for a little definition, I used MAC’s Sable shadow.  I put a little Bare Minerals Warmth on the contours of my face and used a touch of Bare Minerals Compatibles Blush.  I mixed the Joyous Jennifer and the Sorbet and put that on the apples of my cheeks.  One coat of Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Volume, a little chap stick, and I’m set.

Very light eye make-up for a relaxing Saturday

The finished look!

My next task for the day was cleaning my brushes.  I like to do it with Bare Minerals Quick Change every two weeks and then with a little baby shampoo once a month.  Today was a quick change day.  So, I set up shop and got started.  All you need for this is some paper towel, Bare Minerals Quick Change, and your brushes!

I started by spraying some Quick Change on my paper towel, then you swirl the brush on the paper towel and watch the left over make-up come out of the brush.  I lay them on a micro-fiber towel to dry, which only takes about 15 minutes.  It’s really easy and took my about 30 minutes from start to finish.  I have mostly Bare Minerals brushes so that’s why I use the Quick Change.  I haven’t tried any other brush cleaners, but I love the one that I do use.

In the middle of cleaning my foundation brush

The Finished Products

Bare Minerals Quick Change

The aftermath - you can see the make-up that came out of the face brushes that I use everyday

My brushes all clean and smelling good!

The plans for the rest of this beautiful Saturday morning are open.  I have to head to my parents to help my dad trim the bushes outside their house and the hubs wants to see “Going The Distance.”  It’s a story about a long distance romance and we can relate to that.  He lived in Florida when we started dating and moved to Wisconsin about a year and half later.  He’s lived here for 5+ years now and says he loves it.  He likes to see the seasons actually change and to see snow on Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Until next time…


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