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Proud God-Mother of Two… September 3, 2010

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Hello World!

This past weekend my god-daughter was baptized.  It was a wonderful moment for me and such an honor.  My husband and I aren’t ready for kids of our own, so a god child is the perfect way to get my baby fix… when I need it.  KG was baptized at the church her mom (my cousin) and dad were married in.  She’s such a special little girl and is so good.  She didn’t cry at all in church.  Not even when she was drenched in cold water!

KG getting the holy water treatment

Proud God Mother

The God Parents with the, now, holy one

Being a god mother has been a wonderful addition to my life.  About a month before KG was born, my best friend asked me to be the god mother to her son.  Sam is such a good little boy.  The reason for this post is because tomorrow is Sam’s picture day.  I’m visiting tomorrow for his monthly photo session.  It’s a gift to his mom and for me to be able to see him grow and to have memories in the form of pictures.  This is a wonderful way to start my long weekend.  Here are some pictures from the first 3 months of his life.  I will upload a sneak peek sometime this weekend.

2 Weeks Old...

One Month Old...

Two Months Old...

Three Months Old!

Until next time…


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