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Is it a dress for all seasons if it’s made of meat? September 13, 2010

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Hello World! 

Last night I was busy washing and packing for my upcoming vacation (well deserved by the way).  While I was packing late into the night, I decided to watch the MTV VMA’s with the hubs.  It was a great show and there was some great and some not so great moments.  Now, these are just my opinions and everyone might not agree but this is how I feel.  First I want to talk Fashion! 

I actually couldn’t wait to see what Lady Gaga did… she had many wardrobe changes through-out the night.  A Salute to service men and women that were discharged paired with a set of rhino hooves.  Then she was wearing a dress so heavy she could barely get up to the stage to accept her award.  And then, the meat dress paired with a meat hat, meat purse, and meat shoes… I nearly threw up when I saw all them meat.  And people were hugging her in that!  Do you want to smell like a raw steak all night people!  I must say that Katy Perry looked beautiful and as she said “like a figure skater.”  I also saw a trend… leather and black.  Here are some pics of the outfits I’m talking about. 

Lady Gaga on the White Carpet with the discharged service men and women

Here she is finally up on stage after taking about 5 minutes and 2 men to carry the heavy dress she was wearing

The Meat Dress with matching hat and shoes... Cher was holding the matching Meat Purse

Katy Perry's "Figure Skater" dress... I liked it!Emma Stone in a little black leather dress

Joe Manganiello from True Blood... love the red leather jacket!

Another True Blood cast member... Evan Rachel Wood's dress was a don't to me. It really didn't fit her body properly

And now, the good looking men of the night! Drake was very daper in this black suit

Lastly, Usher. He looked HOT, but those aren't the shoes I would have done with this look

And onto the performances.  I’m just quickly going to list the ones I liked and didn’t…. I didn’t like Taylor Swift’s performance but I love her music.  I wasn’t impressed at all and her voice sounded extremely shaky.  I did like Eminem and Rhianna and Kanye West.
I would say that Chelsea Handler was a great host!  She was absolutely hilarious and made the night.  All in all it was a good show… congrats MTV!
Until next time…

Checklists… September 9, 2010

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Hello World!

The last week has been so busy, I haven’t had any time for blogging!  Nathan and I are getting close to our vacation and so I’m in checklist mode.  I feel like if there is no checklist, some poor little item will be left behind in our lonely house 😦  I have a list of things to pack in my suit case, a list of things to put in my carry on, a list of things to clean before leaving, a list of things to unplug/turn off before leaving, lists, lists, and more lists.  I probably should have a list of my lists in order to keep track of all the lists.  And in the midst of all my list making, I have some exciting events planned for the weekend.  Since B was sick last week, I am taking Sam’s pictures on Saturday morning.  Then I have to rush home and get ready for a friend’s wedding.

I’ve been listening, in anticipation, to all the wedding plans for my friend Jaci.  She’s been planning her wedding for over a year and the time has come!  It’s going to be a wonderful, beautiful, fun event and pictures will be in a following blog post.  I really loved planning my wedding and when it was all over, I was a little depressed and missed the planning process.  Luckily, I had Jaci to tell me all about her plans and ideas and she’d ask for my advise about certain things.  I was weaning myself off my wedding by listening to her plans.  I still miss it but not as much as I did right after I was married.  And now, it’s time to see all the wonderful plans come together!  That’s the best part… and the party after of course!

And then there’s married life…

This is what married life is all about

My bedroom is a little like a battle field right now.  I had work to finish up and I had to finish my blog post so that’s my work and personal laptops.  There’s a pile of clean clothes that Nathan asked me to fold and in front of that is my trusty bed table.  I’ve got my nail set in the green bag, my many lists and itinerary for the trip, and my Jamba Juice At Home (Mango-A-Go-Go)!  And of course, there’s Top Chef on TV (from my DVR).   I’ve got tons to get done tonight and thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Until next time…


Change of plans… September 4, 2010

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Hello World!

This morning while I was getting ready for a visit with B and Sam, I got a phone call.  Sam was up at 5 am and B had a sore throat.  So we decided to reschedule for later in September and I had to find something to do.  The plan = finish up my make-up and then clean my brushes.

Before the call from B, I decided to go with light make-up since I knew I would be moving around with the baby and I didn’t want make-up on the screen cover of the my camera.  I went with a tinted moisturizer, Benefit’s You Rebel in Light, then applied my Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer.  I covered up my under eye circles and a small blemish with Too Faced Absolutely Flawless in London Light.  I set everything with Bare Mineral’s Mineral Veil.  That’s it… it’s a quick face and because I’m a little tan (as opposed to my normal very porcelain skin tone) it’s all I need!  Next I put MAC’s paint pot in Painterly on my lid, and swipe of Buxom Lashline in Leatherette and then in my crease, for a little definition, I used MAC’s Sable shadow.  I put a little Bare Minerals Warmth on the contours of my face and used a touch of Bare Minerals Compatibles Blush.  I mixed the Joyous Jennifer and the Sorbet and put that on the apples of my cheeks.  One coat of Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Volume, a little chap stick, and I’m set.

Very light eye make-up for a relaxing Saturday

The finished look!

My next task for the day was cleaning my brushes.  I like to do it with Bare Minerals Quick Change every two weeks and then with a little baby shampoo once a month.  Today was a quick change day.  So, I set up shop and got started.  All you need for this is some paper towel, Bare Minerals Quick Change, and your brushes!

I started by spraying some Quick Change on my paper towel, then you swirl the brush on the paper towel and watch the left over make-up come out of the brush.  I lay them on a micro-fiber towel to dry, which only takes about 15 minutes.  It’s really easy and took my about 30 minutes from start to finish.  I have mostly Bare Minerals brushes so that’s why I use the Quick Change.  I haven’t tried any other brush cleaners, but I love the one that I do use.

In the middle of cleaning my foundation brush

The Finished Products

Bare Minerals Quick Change

The aftermath - you can see the make-up that came out of the face brushes that I use everyday

My brushes all clean and smelling good!

The plans for the rest of this beautiful Saturday morning are open.  I have to head to my parents to help my dad trim the bushes outside their house and the hubs wants to see “Going The Distance.”  It’s a story about a long distance romance and we can relate to that.  He lived in Florida when we started dating and moved to Wisconsin about a year and half later.  He’s lived here for 5+ years now and says he loves it.  He likes to see the seasons actually change and to see snow on Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Until next time…


Proud God-Mother of Two… September 3, 2010

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Hello World!

This past weekend my god-daughter was baptized.  It was a wonderful moment for me and such an honor.  My husband and I aren’t ready for kids of our own, so a god child is the perfect way to get my baby fix… when I need it.  KG was baptized at the church her mom (my cousin) and dad were married in.  She’s such a special little girl and is so good.  She didn’t cry at all in church.  Not even when she was drenched in cold water!

KG getting the holy water treatment

Proud God Mother

The God Parents with the, now, holy one

Being a god mother has been a wonderful addition to my life.  About a month before KG was born, my best friend asked me to be the god mother to her son.  Sam is such a good little boy.  The reason for this post is because tomorrow is Sam’s picture day.  I’m visiting tomorrow for his monthly photo session.  It’s a gift to his mom and for me to be able to see him grow and to have memories in the form of pictures.  This is a wonderful way to start my long weekend.  Here are some pictures from the first 3 months of his life.  I will upload a sneak peek sometime this weekend.

2 Weeks Old...

One Month Old...

Two Months Old...

Three Months Old!

Until next time…


First Thoughts…

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Hello World!

My name is Megan and I’m a mid-western girl.  I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my wonderful husband of 11 months.

The hubs and I sitting at our sweet heart table during our wedding reception... 10/03/2009

Today I decided that I need a change in my life… a project of sorts.  My life was starting to feel  a little boring and I wanted to create an open forum where I could chat about life.  I have recently taken up photography.  I’m very amateur but I have a Nikon D90 camera and I love taking pictures.  You will see a lot of them in my blog posts.  You’ll probably see some images from my Canon Powershot and my iPhone too.  People say I’m picture happy – it’s true.

In this post, my first blog ever, I wanted to talk about is my favorites for August.  I have some things I’m loving right now and want to share.  The below picture was taken in horrible lighting, but you get the idea.

My August Favorites (L to R): Revlon Rock nail polish, Lia Sophia black rock ring, Bare Essentials Crease Brush, MAC Painterly paint pot, MAC Myth lipstick, and Bare Essentials Buxom Lashline in Leatherette

1.) Katy Perry’s album, Teenage Dream.  Love, love love it!  Favorite song?  Peacock.

2.) My black Lia Sophia ring.  It was hidden at the bottom my jewelry box and I recently cleaned it out so I found it!  I have been wearing it almost everyday.

3.) My favorite nail polish is made by Revlon and it’s called Rock.  It’s a deep violet purple shade.  Right now Revlon has a collection of couple polishes.  The mate to Rock is Star and it’s a clear glitter coat.  There is also Ruby and Slipper and a few others.

4.) I love make-up!  I’m somewhat of a junkie but nothing compared the the beauty bloggers/you tubers out there.  I had read about MAC paint pots so I went to my local CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) and picked up a color called Girlfriendly.  I used it a couple times, but it’s a little too pink for me, especially since my skin has rosey undertones.  So, I gave in and purchased Painterly.  I LOVE it!  I put it on after my shadow primer and it really makes my shadow colors pop and stay on all day without moving.

5.) The next product is new to me.  I’ve always been a lip-gloss kind of girl because I thought lipstick was for old ladies.  I take that back ten fold.  I am in love with MAC’s Myth lipstick.  Thank you to Alia at the MAC counter in Mayfair Mall for suggesting it.  I put it on over chap stick or under any lipgloss color.  It’s a pale muted peachy beige color and really allows the color of the lip-gloss over it to pop!

6.) Next is Bare Essentials Buxom Lashline from Sephora.  It is marketed as a ‘lashline enhancing and conditioning treatment.’  The  marketing is correct!  I have seen a noticeable change in my lashes since I started using it – pictures to follow at some point.  I’m not using it everyday but I’m going to start.

7.) Lastly, for the August favorites, is the Crease Defining brush from Bare Essentials.  I have the most wonderful Bare Essentials rep and she sent me this brush.  I had seen it online and really wanted it, but I didn’t want to place an order for just one brush plus I have too many already.  It is very similar to MAC’s 224 brush but it has a slightly pointed end.  Thankfully, in my last order, she included it for me and I love it! It’s wonderful for blending and putting color into the crease.

So, this is the end of my first blog.  My husband is watching “Ghost Hunters” on the couch next to me and he just asked “Is that whole blog about make-up?”  Don’t worry, I plan to share lots of things about my life.  I have recipes, family stories, travels, pictures, and much more.

Until next time…